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Dr Michael William Platt

Dr Michael William Platt

Dr. Platt provides medicolegal expert witness reporting in the specialisations of Pain Management and Palliative Care.

He graduated as a doctor from the medical school of the University of Western Australia in 1977. After training in pain medicine and anaesthesia in Perth, Australia, and London he became Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia at Imperial College and St. Mary’s Hospital in 1991. he is currently Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at St. Mary’s Hospital and Imperial College Faculty of Medicine. He also

He is also Honorary Consultant in Palliative care for Kensington and Chelsea Primary Care Trust. While working in this position, he studied for and was awarded an MA in Bioethics from Surrey University in 2005, with a special interest in end of life issues, particularly in pain medicine.

His special interests are nerve pain and functional disability, and he is an experienced expert witness in Pain Management.

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