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Pain Management

Pain is an umbrella term that covers a huge range of symptoms and causes, from the physiological to the psychological. Everybody experiences pain differently and because of this we know that every case is as unique as the patient experiencing the pain.

Our expertise means that we are able to identify the causes of pain and expertly assess its effects on the client as a whole person.

An expert witness in pain management is able to understand the debilitating nature of pain, how it can have hidden psychological implications and how it can effectively take over someone’s life, to the extent that they feel overwhelmed by it. This can have a knock on effect on the patient’s ability to work, their relationships, feelings of self-worth etc. Whether caused by Personal injury or Clinical Negligence, pain is pain and requires a specialist approach and an expert opinion.

Our pain experts specialise in chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Neuropathic Pain, including post amputation “phantom pain” and post-surgical pain.

Our reputation in this field speaks for itself.

Dr Mike Platt
Dr Neeraj Saxena